Ben is Ranked #7 out of 1294 UK Sports Masseurs

Ben is Ranked #7 out of 1294 UK Sports Masseurs

Hull Sports Massage is an established business that provides quality sports massage and treatment of injury to clients throughout the local area. The company, which is located in Hull, was founded in 2000 and has many years’ experience in the sports massage and treatment of injury sector.

With their own treatment center at Roses Salon, and expert staff, the clinic provides a professional therapy service to businesses and clients of all abilities and treatment needs. The service is guaranteed to be effective in addressing your sports massage and treatment of injury requirements, allowing clients to get back on the road to fitness and live a healthier lifestyle as soon as possible.

Hull Sports Massage has a dynamic workforce which includes a sports massage therapists who are qualified to diploma level specifically within the treatment of injury and multi-disciplined massage field. They have been trained to the highest standard meeting the requirements of the industry to treat injuries in a multi-disciplined approach. They are members of the Sports Massage Association (SMA), members of the Society of Sports Therapists (MSST) and members of the International Council of Health and Fitness Sports Therapists (HFST).

They have an expanding group of customers that are situated in and around Hull, including professional athletes, semi professional teams and general clients.

The company are members of the Sports Massage Association and the Society of Sports Therapists.

The company is managed by Ben Neves who has been involved in the sports massage business for many years. Having previously worked for the Army and Police Service, Ben Neves is well trained to oversee the company.

Hull Sports Massage Reviews

Read Some Of Ben’s Reviews

I saw Ben today for the first time and had FFT which gave me instant relief to the sciatica that I have been suffering with for quite some time/years. I have gone from my left leg being really sensitive and sore to the touch, to feeling much better and my movements are better too with the support provided by the FFT. Thanx again Ben and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Ann.

I went to see Ben after buying a voucher and was not really sure what I wanted. Ben discussed my history and discovered I had an old swimming injury to my arm which had scar tissue and I thought could not be cured. Ben assured me it could be fixed and after 5 sessions it is absolutely fine and no longer causing me a problem. Thanks a lot Ben.

Having had lower back pain for 10 years and problems with my hip for 5, I had spent thousands on physio – to no avail.Ā  The first session with Ben COMPLETELY removed the pain from my hip.
4 sessions in and The back pain and stiffness I can’t remember NOT having, is starting to ease!
Ben keeps you very well educated on your treatment progression, and is definitely the most effective therapist out of the 20+ I have tried.

Since experiencing a whiplash two years ago, I have been constantly suffering with shoulder pains which further affected my lower back and hip. Over the last few weeks I couldn’t even sit down,which affected my job-fitness instructor and the pain was getting worse by the day. However, just after two appointments with Ben, I can again sit down for hours and exercise the same way as I used to, which put the smile back on my face :). I’ve been very pleased with the outcome and can genuinely recommend Ben’s treatments, as they stopped the pain. Definitely worthy! Many thanks.

If you have an injury or pain, all I can say is you MUST go see Ben! He really does know what he’s talking about and I can’t recommend him enough.

I was diagnosed with M.E last year and have had a lot of pain, it hurt to breathe and Ben instantly cured this with a taping technique. I had swollen lymph node glands for months that were sore and painful which also caused tension and head aches, another thing that Ben sorted. I only wish I had found him sooner and ended my suffering earlier, feel like I have my life back at the moment. If and when I relapse I know I can return for his expertise.

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